Welcome to Block 300

We're optimized for open minds.

At Block 300, we've reimagined the office experience for today’s professionals—keeping modern needs top-of-mind. It's a space crafted to make days in the office feel like working from home, with all the camaraderie that being side-by-side with your team brings.

Our Vision

Our vision is to a create a place that’s worth leaving home for—because it feels like home in its own way. A place where fresh ideas flourish along the riverside—where you can broaden your horizons as you reach for your great big next.

To the innovators, entrepreneurs, ambitious professionals and creatives of all backgrounds: this space was built for you.

Our Experience

Block 300 is packed with all the perks you need to power your next great accomplishment—from spacious collaboration areas to on-site childcare and one of the largest fitness centers in the city.

Focus on what makes your team tick—we’ve got the rest.

Our Community

Here, you always have a spot to catch up with old friends...or make a few new ones.

We’re located right by the waterfront, with first-dibs access to the lively community events and classes held in Waterfront Park

Our Location

Arrive however you choose for a smoother, easier workday.

Block 300 gives you immediate access to Naito Parkway, MAX light rail and nearby freeways for easy access wherever or however you’re getting here.

308 SW Second Ave | Portland, OR 97204


Kevin Kaufman
First Vice President
+1 503 701 8080

Thomas Fellman
Senior Vice President
+1 503 819 3684

Property Management

Erika Hawkins
General Manager
+1 503 224 7223

Henry Lai
Senior General Manager
+1 971 626 9324

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